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Frequently asked questions about
pharmacy discount cards
How do pharmacy discount cards work?

All pharmacy discount cards work the same way:  A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) negotiates lower prices for
people who are a part of their groups, generally large insurance companies. When they negotiate for a lot of people that
provides them with lower prices. The pharmacy benefit managers then pass on those savings to their customers.

This is why you should always look for card that are put out by the pharmacy benefit manager, not by a company that is just marketing the PBM’s product. One example that RxCompare knows is GoodRx.  They are not a pharmacy benefit manager; they are a marketing company, and a very good one. They layer on a level of profit beyond what the pharmacy benefit manager makes. That is how GoodRx makes their money. Companies like and Argus are actually pharmacy benefit managers
themselves, so they do not have to layer on extra money.  These cards are generally cheaper than cards coming from
marketing companies.

Do Rx savings cards really work as advertised?

The short answer is that they are very real. I get people using them every day I work at my pharmacy. Do people really save money with pharmacy discount cards? You bet. But the company behind the card makes a lot of difference. That is why it I important to choose wisely when you select a card to use. One that is a part of a pharmacy benefit manager is usually good, because that means that it is not just associated with a marketing company. A marketing company just promotes the pharmacy benefit manager’s discounts anyway, so it they are just a marketing company (examples are and they need to add the money they make onto the money that the PBM makes. This is not always the perfect formula for saving the customer money.

Do all Rx cards work at all pharmacies?

No, they do not. Some cards are much more widely accepted than others. Furthermore, a pharmacy discount card will give you different prices at different pharmacies, for the same prescription drug. It is important to use a savings program with a website that compares their Rx prices at your local pharmacies.

Doesn't my insurance give me the best price?

Health insurance is no guarantee that you are getting the best price. People who spend a lot of money for their health insurance are often surprised by how much they save using these pharmacy discount coupons and card programs. Just because you pay a lot for your insurance does not mean that these free card programs are not going to save you a lot of money, as surprising as that might seem.

Are Rx savings cards really free?

Yes. Pharmacy discount cards are free to the customer. You should never have to pay to receive a negotiated discount on your prescription drugs.

Why isn't every card on your ratings list?
Why isn’t every card on the rating list? Well, momma said: if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.” We know we left some off, and that kind of speak for itself as far as we are concerned. And in some cases, it might just be an oversight – we can’t really list every card and program out there, we just listed what we consider the biggest and the best. But who know, we might have missed one or two. Our contact information is on this site, so if you think we missed on of your favorites, just let us know and we’ll consider it for the list.
Should I use Rx cards if I'm on Medicaid or Medicare?

If you are on Medicaid or Medicare these programs might not be right for you, because the government should be getting you getter prices anyway. That is almost always the case. But check with your government program before you try to use any other program, that is always best. 

Please remember, this site in its entirety is entirely the opinion of its author, and is not meant to be construed as a scientific study or to be used in place of a doctor’s advice or prescription. Always check with your physician before taking or considering any medication. A lawyer friend of Jeff’s told him to include that, and although I think it is pretty obvious from what he wrote, I guess it makes sense to include it.