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Pharmacy discount card reviews

You’ve probably been offered a pharmacy discount card.

They all promise a lot of savings, but what is the best Rx savings card? Which Rx program gives you the lowest prices? Does every discount card work at every store? No they do not. And each card will offer a different price for the same prescription drug. One thing I have seen is that some cards work a heck of a lot better than other.

So to save me and the rest of the poor pharmacy tech out there who have to answer the same question over and over again “which card has the best savings” I have created the chart below to compare them.

Ratings & Comparison – How we did it

We tested these cards thousands of times. It’s that simple. I work behind the counter at a big chain pharmacy and I see all kinds of cards come in: GoodRx, Singlecare, Americas Pharmacy, Watertree, NeedyMeds, PatientRx, WellRx, FamilyWize, the lists goes on and on.

One thing that almost everyone asks me is: Which is the best pharmacy discount card? Which Rx program has the best discounts? What should you look out for? So I tested and scored them all – every that was presented to me, and I get them all.

So this is from real-word tests in a real pharmacy. I compared these for months and months. Real prices and real customers. I looked for the best discounts on prescriptions of course. And the number of drugstores where the card is accepted. And whether it is connection with a pharmacy benefit manager (which is good, but more on that in a minute).

Last Updated:

1.  NeedyMeds

Excellent (4.95/5)
Pharmacies accepted: 99%

2.  America’s Pharmacy

Excellent (4.95/5)
Pharmacies accepted: 99%

3.  SingleCare

Good (4.58/5)
Pharmacies accepted: 96%

4.  GoodRx

Good (4.58/5)
Pharmacies accepted: 93%

5.  Patient Rx

Good (4.58/5)
Pharmacies accepted: 90%

6.  Family Wize

Pharmacies accepted: 89%

7. Discount Drug Network

Pharmacies accepted: 87%

8.  USA Health Alliance

Pharmacies accepted: 82%

9.  NPSN

Pharmacies accepted: 80%

How do these pharmacy savings cards work anyway? And do the pharmacy savings coupons work the same way? First
off, they do work the same way. The pharmacy benefit managers (or PBMs as they are called) negotiate lower prices for
people who are a part of their groups, generally large insurance company. When they negotiate for a lot of people that
provides them with lowers prices. Then the pharmacy benefit managers passes on the savings to the customer. So that is how the card works – the numbers on the cards identify you as a member of the pharmacy benefit managers group.

That is why you should always look for card that are put out by the pharmacy benefit manager, not by a company that is just marketing a pharmacy benefit manager’s product. As an example that rxcompare knows, GoodRx is not a pharmacy benefit manager, they are just a marketing company (but a very effective one). They layer on a level of profit beyond what the pharmacy benefit manager makes. That is how GoodRx makes their money. Companies like and Argus are actually pharmacy benefit managers
themselves, so they do not have to layer on extra money, so they generally are cheaper than cards coming from
marketing companies.

Why isn’t every card on the rating list? Well, momma said: if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.” We know
we left some off, and that kind of speak for itself as far as we are concerned. And in some cases, it might just be an
oversight – we can’t really list every card and program out there, we just listed what we consider the biggest and the
best. But who know, we might have missed one or two. Our contact information is on this site, so if you think we missed on of your favorites, just let us know and we’ll consider it for the list.